The site is divided into MERL facilities used for research and commercial facilities leased out for R&D scale marine finfish production.  A variety of configurations are possible within the flexible layout, but the most popular tank groupings are as follows.

Area 1 (MERL main floors)

  • System 1. 4x 4m dia. (12m3) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 2: 12x 3m dia. (7m3) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 3: 8x 3m dia. (5m3) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 4: 15x 2m dia. (1.5m3) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 5: 48x 1m dia. (400 L) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 6: 30x 1m dia. (400 L) tanks; flowthrough
  • System 7: 18x 1.4m dia (800 L) tanks; flowthrough

Area 2 (MERL quarantine unit)

  • System 10: 2x 3m dia (7m3) tanks; flowthrough with effluent disinfection

Area 3 (Commercial production hatchery)

  • Recirculation systems for millions of eggs and larvae

Area 4 (Commercial production nursery)

  • Grow-on systems for millions of marine fish

Area 5 (Commercial live feed production)

  • Algal, rotifer and Artemia production and enrichment

Area 6 (Commercial broodstock and spawning facilities)

  • Tank space for multiple families and light cycles for year-round production