The interaction between aquaculture systems and theSeals are regular and inquisitive visitors to our marine site at Machrihanish environment is of great importance to us.  We aim to conduct research that benefits the industry and moves towards a more sustainable future. 

We work in partnership with our colleagues in Environmental Services at the Institute of A Lobster in the rock pools of MachrihanishAquaculture to provide the expertise and facilities for research in this area.  In addition, we have close relationships with other acedemic institutions and governmental agencies whose remit is to protect the environment and develop more harmonious practices for the aquaculture industry. 

Previous projects have included:

  • Provision of sediment and water samples for residue and fate studies
  • Studies on the fate of contaminants in the marine environment
  • Uptake and depuration of aquaculture chemicals by marine indicator species
  • Taint in farmed fish resulting from exposure to environmental contaminants.
  • The community structure of benthic marine invertebrates associated with marine aquaculture