Good access to new products and technologies is key to ensuring that commercial aquaculture production continues to develop in an environmentally acceptable and economically efficient manner. In order to promote access to new products we have an active programme of research aimed at satisfying the needs of regulatory authorities responsible for the licencing of veterinary medicines, vaccines, feed additives and other products such as disinfectants for use in aquaculture.

Recent studies have generated data in the following areas:

  • target animal safety of veterinary medicines, vaccines and feed additives in fish
  • residue depletion of veterinary medicines and husbandry aids used in aquaculture
  • absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion studies on veterinary medicines for fish
  • environmental safety of veterinary medicines and husbandry aids
  • bioaccumulation of veterinary medicinal products in indicator species
  • field trials of the efficacy and safety of fish vaccines and parasiticides

Typically these studies are conducted in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice or Good Clinical Practice in the case of field-based efficacy studies. Our recent studies have been accepted by regulatory agencies in the European Union, United States, Canada, Norway and Chile.