Stripping eggs from brown troutHowietoun Fishery produces salmon smolts for on-growing and brown trout for restocking natural fisheries and angling sites. As one of the oldest operating fish farms in Scotland, Howietoun has developed a reputation for quality second to none.

Atlantic salmon productionOur marine production unit at the Machrihanish Marine Environmental Research Laboratory is equipped for commercial production of juveniles of marine species.

We can supply or source a wide range of species, including Atlantic salmon, brown or rainbow trout, cod, sea bass, halibut and wrasse, for research, teaching and other purposes. Triploids and all-female stocks can be produced to order. Contact for current prices and availability. 

We also offer fish holding facilities for contract rearing. Our marine facilities have been used for production and ongrowing of wrasse, cod and turbot under contract for other producers.   

Cod - Gadus morhua

Halibut broodstock